Blancco Asset Manager

Hardware & Software IT Asset Management


Use and Purpose

Blancco Asset Manager is ideal for PC hardware and software IT asset management purposes.

  • Automatically generates a detailed hardware and software IT asset management report
  • OPTIONAL Hardware functionality test for information about main memory, processor, motherboard, pointing devices, display, floppy drive, keyboard and hard drive S.M.A.R.T. test.


  • Ease of availability with multiple delivery options (ASP, Preinstall, Network, Media)
  • Improved IT asset management with detailed hardware report information (i.e. processor, memory, hard drive etc)
  • Licence management with Windows OS and installed software detection
  • Multiple delivery options (, Preinstall, Network, CD-R/RW Media)
  • Reports saved on floppy disk, USB or HDD
  • Globally adaptable with multiple language and keyboard support

Key Features

  • Bypass of operating system (e.g. Windows, Linux)
  • USB/SCSI hot plug
  • Automatic XML and CSV reporting and data transmission