Blancco File Shredder

Erase data & files permanently


Use and Purpose

Designed for day-to-day use, Blancco File Shredder is easy to install with a user friendly interface to erase data and files on a personal computer. Ideal as a quick data shredder for documents such as; Excel charts, Word documents, PDF files, etc.
  • Fast and efficient daily data erasure management of sensitive information.
  • Blancco File Shredder enables data destruction to permanently remove selected stored information on your hard drive and other internal memories.
  • Erase data the professional way, marked files are overwritten a selected number of times, which makes it impossible to recreate the information.


  • Complements existing data security by adding data erasure to in-life use.
  • Easy to implement and fast to use in practice.
  • User control to erase data and files as and when needed.
  • Permanently erases, total peace of mind for sensitive information.

Key Features

  • Easy to install on desktops and laptops
  • Fast erasure for files, folders, temporary files and free space
  • Marked files are overwritten a selected number of times
  • Select a file to be shredded by simply using the right click or browse functionality
  • Drag and drop files to Blancco - File Shredder on the desktop. They will be shredded instantly
  • Use “Shred free space wizard” to overwrite all old files left behind
  • Shred Recycle Bin and all temporary files
  • Quality reporting
  • Software is certified for Windows Vista