Blancco Management Console

Data Erasure, Reporting and Auditing


Comprehensive IT asset disposal

Blancco Management Console is a unique centralized solution designed to handle all needs of IT asset disposal, including software distribution, hardware IT asset management and data erasure reporting within the WAN/LAN.

  • Complete online managed service for operating, managing and following up on the data erasure process.
  • An ideal way to erase data, which requires minimum effort in report distribution to different customers.
  • Comprehensive data erasure reports are stored in a database which can be located either at the customer site or outsourced to Blancco.
  • Compatible with all Blancco data erasure software products.
  • All the critical actions can be controlled via an Internet Browser.

Unprecedented flexibility to manage your erasure process and reporting

  • Enables the administrator to distribute the data erasure software and grant user rights, levels and roles to the operators who will perform the secure data destruction and send the reports to the database.
  • The comprehensive reports can be browsed, imported, exported, deleted or modified by different users depending on the user rights, which have been assigned to them by the administrator. In addition, Blancco compatible reports can be created for non-functional assets.

Key features

  • 5 min installation via install wizard.
  • Enhanced user management through user levels, roles, and rights.
  • Centralised tools for efficient erasure process:
    • Remote Erasure Client management
    • Comprehensive and detailed statistics and metrics
  • Secure and detailed reporting functionality to satisfy all reporting needs:
    • Report validation
    • Email reporting
    • XML, PDF, CSV report formats
    • Reporting of non-functional assets
  • New user authentication providing easier user management and control of user levels:
    • External source e.g. Active directory
    • Database
  • Extensive database support with advanced search capabilities:
    • MySQL, MSSQL, Postgres, Oracle, and internal DB