Blue Coat Mach 5

Power, flexibility, and speed in one appliance

Blue Coat MACH5 goes a step beyond other WAN optimization solutions, which focus exclusively on data applications. With Blue Coat MACH5, you can leverage specialized optimization features for data, video, cloud and web applications — even in IPv4, IPv6 or mixed environments.

MACH5 appliances combine protocol acceleration, compression, object and byte caching and QoS to help accelerate key applications such as file access, email, web, storage replication and backup. For advanced applications, MACH5 integrates specialized live and on-demand video optimization for Adobe Flash, Windows Media, Silverlight, HTML5 and all video. MACH5 cloud-caching engines enable faster SaaS application access with no impact to the cloud infrastructure.

Save Bandwidth

M5 Cut BW

Boost speed while cutting costs.

Blue Coat MACH5 combines acceleration technologies such as protocol optimization, object and byte caching, compression and traffic shaping to accelerate application delivery to remote locations.

Get up to 300x faster access to files, email, backup, disaster recovery, and data apps in consolidated IT environments. Cut bandwidth consumption by 50-90%

Blazing Fast Video

M5 Video 1000x

Caching and rapid delivery of web videos.

We add advanced optimization for web, video and cloud applications that deliver the next generation of WAN optimization.

Multiply bandwidth up to 1000x with more scalable video delivery

Speed Up the WAN and the LAN


Optimization for everyone everywhere.

Deliver faster access to both internal web applications as well as Internet and cloud-delivered SaaS applications. By combining these technologies into a single solution, MACH5 provides all the tools you need to optimize your entire WAN and accelerate more application types with more technologies than any other optimization solution. Optimize access for branch offices and mobile users as well.