Blue Coat PacketShaper

It’s your network. Own it.

Does your network know the difference between important web traffic like online meetings, and lower-priority traffic like games or streaming media? Your security solution might block entire categories of content, such as gambling or pornography, but how do you control everything else?

PacketShaper gives you content-aware control of today’s web-integrated WAN. Prioritize important applications like Oracle and SAP. Assure quality for VoIP and videoconferencing. Contain recreational traffic to any level you specify. PacketShaper’s unique integration of application and web content intelligence gives you the x-ray vision needed to monitor today’s network traffic, and enforces your rules with priority, partition and rate control technologies.

PacketShaper analyzes and positively identifies traffic generated by hundreds of business and recreational applications. And thanks to its integration with WebPulse – Blue Coat’s real-time web intelligence service – PacketShaper can even control application traffic by web content category. For example, you can permit low-impact social networking like Facebook status updates, but squeeze time-wasting games like FarmVille. PacketShaper makes it easy to collectively control related applications and content, while giving you precise tools to get granular where necessary.

Assure Application Performance

PS Main

Align performance with priority.

Because not all applications are created equal, Blue Coat PacketShaper lets you prioritize the traffic that’s important to you. Even better, PacketShaper lets you prioritize categories of web content, so online meetings take precedence over shopping and games.

Contain Low-Priority Traffic

PS Priority

Keep a lid on recreational applications and content.

Recreational traffic should never slow down business-critical applications. PacketShaper makes it easy to contain recreational applications and web content, reclaiming bandwidth for more important traffic.

Deliver Enterprise-Class VoIP & Video Conferencing


Consistent quality, no complaints.

Real-time applications need guaranteed bandwidth to meet user expectations. PacketShaper’s patented rate control technology guarantees bandwidth on demand for a great user experience – all while protecting the performance of other business-critical applications on the network.