Blue Coat Proxy SG

The industry-leading secure web gateway.

Get world-class threat protection backed by Blue Coat's real-time WebPulse technology and more than 75 million users. ProxySG provides complete control over all your web traffic with robust features that include user authentication, web filtering, data loss prevention, inspection and validation of SSL-encrypted traffic, content caching, bandwidth management, stream-splitting and more.

Real-time Web Security

Proactively protect users from web-based threats.Web Security

ProxySG appliances deployed with Blue Coat WebFilter deliver the most comprehensive protection against web-based threats, including malware, phishing and botnet traffic from infected end user systems. ProxySG appliances are backed by the Blue Coat WebPulse collaborative defense to deliver fast and effective Web 2.0 threat protection for 75 million users worldwide. WebPulse supports more than 50 languages and utilizes a combination of traffic, content and reputation analysis of real-time requests to build a comprehensive view of the web-based malware ecosystem. With custom script analyzers, anti-malware and anti-virus scanning, and sandboxing and browser simulations as well as other proprietary security defenses, WebPulse identifies and blocks 3.3 million threats per day.

Advanced Web Application and Operation Controls

Manage threat and data loss risks from web-based applications Web Application ControlsAdvanced Web application

The Blue Coat Web Application Policy Engine provides granular control over specific web applications and operations. With the Web Application Policy Engine, IT administrators can set and enforce policies by operation, application or category, enabling IT administrators to manage the data loss and employee productivity risks associated with social media and other web-based applications. As new applications and operations are added, the Web Application Policy Engine is automatically updated. To ensure consistent enforcement, appropriate policies are automatically applied to new applications. View a list of supported applications.

Unmatched Performance and Scalability

Enterprise-grade secure web gateway.Gigabit

ProxySG appliances feature a robust architecture that utilizes patent-protected caching technologies to assure performance as new security features are deployed. With multi-core hardware platforms and the SGOS operating system, ProxySG appliances can provide 1 Gbps throughput without compromising security. The SGOS operating system is a microkernel built for Web object processing, so it rarely requires patches and maintains superior performance levels for years. For inline malware protection at the gateway, ProxySG appliances deployed with ProxyAV appliances deliver the highest performing threat analysis of both encrypted and unencrypted traffic. In deployments with multiple ProxySG appliances, Blue Coat Director provides centralized device, license and policy management. Blue Coat Reporter delivers centralized visibility into all user and web traffic across the organization and can scale to support up to 10 billion log lines or approximately 150,000 users for up to 60 days