Web Security Module

On-demand web security.

The Web Security Module for the Blue Coat Cloud Service is a scalable, Internet-delivered service that gives IT administrators all the benefits of real-time security without the need to update appliances, servers or user desktops. This security service leverages Blue Coat’s proven security technology and WebPulse collaborative defense of over 75 million users to provide comprehensive protection against web-based threats for all users regardless of location.

With detailed, customizable reporting that provides visibility into web traffic and granular web application and operation controls, IT administrators have actionable intelligence to instantly create and apply new policies to all users, including roaming workers on external networks. Just as important, the Blue Coat Cloud Service identifies and categorizes new web content in real time with 99+% accuracy. And rest assured, knowing that the Blue Coat Cloud Service is backed by our guaranteed 99.999% uptime agreement.

Malware Detection and Reporting

Find, report, and stop malware threats.Malware

The Web Security Module delivers a combination of proven malware identification, inline malware scanning and in-depth reporting of all user web traffic. Working together, these technologies help you block suspicious and malicious sites and protect against “phone-home” or botnet traffic. Web traffic gets dynamically rated and accurately filtered based on our WebPulse cloud service ratings.

Web Filtering and Access Control

Customize web access rules and block unwanted sites.Control

You also get comprehensive web filtering capabilities to help you identify web content in real time. Just as important, you can leverage granular Web 2.0 application controls to allow social media access while blocking specific activities within the sites, such as gaming. You can also enforce SafeSearch and keyword controls for all major search engines.

Deployment Options

Add our cloud-based security to your environment.Deploy

You can also enforce broad-based or detailed policies for network access and use and take advantage of our flexible deployment options and connection methods, such as IPSec VPN, proxy chaining, explicit proxy and client agent. You can easily scale to add more users and leverage pay-as-you-go options.