Cryptzone Secured eCollaboration

A unique add-in solution for Microsoft SharePoint® encryption providing document security and access control.

Share information, minimize risk

If your organization is using Microsoft SharePoint®, you should be using Secured eCollaboration. Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful tool for collaboration and content management, but SharePoint does not come pre-equipped with tools for strong encryption or efficient user rights management. Users often store sensitive information in the form of financial data, customer information, project plans, contracts - data that should be protected, on the collaboration platform. How can you use the power of SharePoint but also ensure that sensitive information is only accessible to authorized users?

Secured eCollaboration is the first solution on the market designed specifically for SharePoint encryption and security. Secured eCollaboration integrates with SharePoint and provides all the encryption and access rights management tools needed for co-workers to share information securely. Administrators control security policies centrally; users manage documents using SharePoint encryption and assign access rights in line with the policies; and strong security features ensure regulatory compliance. With Secured eCollaboration, you can be confident that information is accessible to those who need it, and protected from those who don’t.

  • SharePoint encryption is quick and easy - intuitive tools are integrated into the SharePoint user interface.
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory® makes managing user access rights for SharePoint encryption an easy task.
  • The central management console allows IT to deploy and manage SharePoint encryption policies.
  • User authentication, SharePoint Encryption keys and passwords are managed automatically.
  • SharePoint’s native "check-in/check-out" and document versioning are fully supported in Cryptzone's SharePoint encryption solution, ensuring that every version is encrypted and secured.