Cryptzone Secured eFile

Policy-based file encryption solution for Data Protection and creating a secure, centrally managed collaboration platform.

File encryption for organizations of all sizes

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Protecting intellectual property and sensitive information is a top security concern for any business today. Co-workers need to share documents and files with colleagues, customers and partners on a daily basis, and frequently those items contain confidential information. File encryption helps to secure that information, minimizing the risk of it being accessed by unauthorized users. Cryptzone’s file encryption software goes much further, creating a secure platform for co-workers to collaborate.

Secured eFile enables people to share files and folders securely with individuals and groups inside and outside the organization. The easy-to-use file encryption tool empowers users to secure the information and specify precisely who else in the organization needs access. A central management console allows administrators to deploy security policies across the organization, while built-in technology takes care of managing access rights, user authentication and encryption keys. With Secured eFile you ensure that users, customers and partners have access to the information they need, whilst protecting against those who don’t.

  • File encryption is quick and easy and requires minimal user training.
  • Strong security complies with regulations including Sarbanes Oxley, GLB Act, HIPAA Hitech, and FTC Red Flag Rules.
  • Encryption keys and user authentication are built-in and managed automatically.
  • The central management console allows IT to deploy and manage security policies and monitor compliance.
  • Trusted external users can access encrypted files without having to install software.
  • Secured documents stay secured wherever they are copied or moved to.

Businesses need to protect sensitive data but at the same time employees, customers and partners all need access to critical information in order to make decisions and be productive. Secured eFile provides all the functionality and features required to achieve this, and organizations across the world depend upon this solution for file security and regulatory compliance.

  • Easy-to-use tools for users to achieve high file security on sensitive information.
  • Strong file security features that ensure data is fully protected from unauthorized access.
  • Centralized control enabling administrators to enforce file security policies.
  • Advanced access rights management tools ensuring people inside and outside the company can still access the data they need


File security with a simple click

Secured eFile empowers users to encrypt files and folders through intuitive tools that are integrated into the standard user interface. Users can encrypt files or even complete folders and assign access rights for users or groups within the organization’s Active Directory. A ’key’ icon clearly shows when a document has been secured and locked.

Control access to secured files

Users can control who can access a secured file by assigning access rights to other users or groups within the organization’s Active Directory. Administrators can define policies to manage sharing rights for users or groups and can also create groups or departments with particular access rights.

Central management and control

The centralized administration console empowers IT administrators to manage licenses, policies, and user access rights. Integration with Active Directory® makes setting up groups for file security simple. The management console also includes extensive reporting tools for auditing of file security policies, as well as regulatory compliance.

Sharing secured documents externally

Users can share information securely with partners and customers and the recipient doesn’t need to install any software to access the file. The document owner can create a self-running executable package and set a password. This file can then be sent out via email, USB, or other removable media. The recipient just needs to input the password to open the file and can then edit, save and return the documents securely.

Security travels with documents

Documents secured with Secured eFile can be moved or copied and stored securely on shared network drives, FTP servers, application servers, desktops, USB flash drives, CDs/DVDs and external hard drives. Copies taken using backup software will automatically stay secured. Encrypted documents carry user access rights with them to protect against unauthorized access.

Automated authentication and key management

Secured eFile comes with built-in authentication and encryption key technology - there’s no need for a separate public or private key system. Cryptzone’s EPM technology handles user authentication and key management automatically, eliminating the headache for users and administrators.

Data protection at every stage

In every secured folder Secured eFile provides a secure recycle bin that travels with the folder. Files deleted within the folder are stored in the secure recycle bin rather than the standard, unencrypted Windows recycle bin, and users can also restore deleted files from the secure recycle bin. Secured files and folders deleted on the computer will be stored, still secured, in the standard Windows recycle bin just like any other file.

Automatic data compression

Data is automatically compressed by a factor of up to 5:1 during the encryption process, significantly increasing storage capacity.

Helpdesk password recovery

When users forget or lose a password, Secured eFile comes with a built-in feature to support the HelpDesk with password recovery.