Cryptzone Secured eUSB

The wide-spread use of USB flash drives is a major issue for business leaders. How do you protect sensitive data when it is so easy to copy onto a USB device?

Secured eUSB lets you take control. Secured eUSB is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for USB security that incorporates all the functionality necessary to safeguard your intellectual property and comply with data protection laws and regulations. Secured eUSB provides strong USB encryption, centralized control of USB security policies, password policies and user access rights, and extensive Data Content Reporting, enabling you to deploy and control USB security across your entire network. With Secured eUSB you can be confident that the data on all USB flash drives in the organization is secured and that you have full visibility of data movement.

  • USB encryption can be implemented quickly and easily - no complex infrastructure is required.
  • Administration overhead is minimised as users are guided through the USB encryption process. Built-in features provide basic Helpdesk support.
  • Advanced technology ensures the highest levels of USB security.
  • Central management tools allow you deploy and enforce USB encryption policies.
  • Automatic Data Content Reporting provides a full audit trail to ensure regulatory compliance and that USB encryption is in use.
  • Anti-theft systems lock down lost or stolen USB devices to prevent data loss.


Secured eUSB is the most comprehensive removable media encryption and data loss prevention solution, combining all the tools you need to put a removable media security strategy in place quickly and easily. Even if there are countless USB flash drives already being used across your business, Secured eUSB can automatically encrypt them and protect the data that’s on them.

It’s easy to use and quickly becomes part of users’ everyday workflow. As a result, Secured eUSB needs minimal Helpdesk support. Advanced technology provides the highest levels of security, ensuring compliance with all data protection laws and regulations. Central management tools enable IT to enforce removable media encryption policy, and also provide visibility of ownership and data movement for all USB flash drives in the organization. With Secured eUSB you really can take control.

Encrypt any USB drive, use it anywhere

It doesn’t matter what USB flash drives your employees buy, Secured eUSB can encrypt any brand and will secure its entire available storage.
A secured USB flash drive can be used in any Windows-based computer as all the software required for operating it is on the drive. No need to install a license - all you need is the password.

Kill Pill Anti-theft system

If a user has lost or misplaced a USB flash drive IT can issue a ’lockout’ command to block access to the device - administrators can unlock the device if required. If a secured USB drive is stolen or an employee leaves the company without returning their USB flash drives, the "Kill Pill" command will completely wipe the flash drive clean to ensure complete data protection. This will even work over the Internet.

Track who owns each device

For each secured USB flash drive, the system automatically assigns ownership to an Active Directory user. IT can therefore track usage of USB flash drives and do data loss reports if a flash drive is lost or stolen. If a user is to leave the organization, IT can quickly identify which USB flash drives the user owns and ask for them to be returned.

The highest security standards

Secured eUSB creates a secure working environment. The user can open/create any Microsoft file within the secure working area of the USB drive and make changes without ever moving documents to an unsecure environment. Any temporary files created by Microsoft during the editing process are wiped.
A secured Recycle Bin travels with the device to ensure that data is not moved to an unsecured recycle bin, and can be restored if necessary.

Enable users to take responsibility for USB security

The Simple Encryption Platform (SEP) allows IT to centrally manage and enforce removable media security policies - create custom environments, define roles and permissions for groups and users, and then deploy this across the entire network.
Users can then define who can access their encrypted USB flash drive, and what they can do with a document: eg. read only, or read/write.

Easy to use - no training required

Secured eUSB is easy to use, fast to deploy and fits in with everyday workflows. So, having removable media encryption policies in place won’t slow anyone down. Removable media encryption is quick and simple, just a click of a button and input of a password. Users are guided through each step of the process. Using secured devices is just as easy - users simply drag and drop files and folders to encrypt them on the secured device; and documents can be opened and edited as usual with Microsoft applications.

Optional automatic encryption

Secured eUSB will support and enforce your removable media encryption policy - whether your policy is to automatically encrypt all USB flash drives or allow users to choose to encrypt their USB device.

Client application or zero footprint deployment

You choose how you want to manage the removable media encryption process: deploy client software to all end point computers so that users can do the removable media encryption on their own flash drives automatically, or centrally manage the encryption process in the IT department, distributing pre-encrypted devices on demand.

Full reporting and audit trail for compliance

Automatic reporting ensures a complete record of removable media security in the organization. Reports include inventory listing of all secured flash drives, and real time analysis of what data is on each device and where it originated. If a device is lost or stolen, IT can quickly do a data loss report. IT can also track data content movement on each device - copy, rename, delete - to audit for possible illegal activity or data leakage.

Help desk support for lost password recovery

A built-in password recovery system significantly reduces the workload for the help desk by speeding up the process for verifying the user’s identity before a recovery password is issued.

Regulatory compliance

Strong AES256 encryption complies with Sarbanes Oxley, GLB Act, HIPAA Hitech, FTC Red Flag Rules. The SEP management console enables IT managers to deploy a consistent removable media security policy across all users in the organization and enforce compliance. The SEP provides a full audit trail of data movement and user actions.