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Certified Data Erasure Software

Blancco is by far the most certified data erasure software on the market with multiple certificates and approvals, including NATO, CESG, DoD and others.

Socially responsible companies are concerned about protecting confidential data and reducing their environmental footprint, they seek a secure, ethical and cost effective solution to erase data.

Using Blancco you can ensure 100% data erasure of sensitive data within your IT assets such as Servers, PCs, flash media, and HDDs. Data destruction offers advantages over physical destruction, giving a device that’s safe for second life applications such as donations, redeployment or even sale.

Blancco Data Erasure Software

Blancco’s client data erasure software has been developed specifically for customer needs based on their data storage device and working practices.

Erase data securely using the following:

Blancco File Shredder is a tool for the day-to-day need to erase files securely from personal computers. This form of data shredder removes files from hard drives making it impossible to recreate the information.

Tool Kits

Blancco offer portable "Erasure in a Box" solutions when you need to go to the go to the devices that need to be erased, either a comprehensive Kit or a light weight Tool Kit

Reporting & Auditing Management Consoles

When operating with volumes of IT assets, Blancco has a java based Reporting & Auditing Management Console and an online-hosted service.

IT Asset Management Software

For hardware and software asset management use only where erasure is not required, a dedicated IT Asset Management tool is available together with profiling software.


Comprehensive support services are available.