Sophos Email Appliances Mail

Block spam and malware, and prevent data loss

Key features

Sophos Email Appliances — part of Email Security and Data Protection — provide simple, powerful protection against spam, malware and data loss. With a choice of three models and easy clustering, these managed appliances scale to meet the needs of any organization.

Complete protection for your email infrastructure

  • Eliminate over 99% of spam with Sender Genotype Technology and Live Anti-Spam real-time updates
  • Proactively protect against evolving threats including viruses, phishing, and malware with Sophos Behavioral Genotype technology

Simplified data protection ensures compliance

  • Protect sensitive data with integrated SPX Encryption technology
  • Prevent accidental loss of sensitive information with unique and simple Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Enable your business and do more with less

  • Manage multiple appliances through a single "3-clicks-to-anywhere" management console
  • Eliminate or automate most regular maintenance tasks with an appliance that's uniquely managed

Trusted expertise and proven solutions

  • Ensure hardware, software, traffic and updates operate normally with remote monitoring
  • Receive automatic zero-effort upgrades at no additional cost, 24/7/365 support, and a 3-year advance replacement hardware warranty