Sophos Mobile Control

Sophos Mobile

Data protection, policy compliance and device control for mobile devices

iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows smartphones—whether they're company issued or personal devices, chances are they're using your corporate network. You have to secure these devices and keep the sensitive business data that's flowing safe and sound.

We can help make it easy for you to enforce a consistent security policy for smartphones used in your business. We'll let you control their security features and even remotely lock and wipe them if they get lost.

What you can do with Sophos Mobile Control:

Keep corporate data safe by applying security policies

  • Lets you turn on the built-in security features of iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, Windows Mobile 6.x devices, including any OS encryption or password protection.
  • Provides remote over-the-air lock. It can even wipe lost or stolen devices, all from the central web console.
  • Tamper detection means Mobile Control knows if it’s removed from a device and can block company email access. It can also identify rooted Android devices.
  • Ensures that only registered devices that meet your policies (like minimum required password length) can access corporate email by using Exchange Active Sync Proxy.
  • Lets you control application use. For example, you can block a time-wasting game or inappropriate application.

Easily install and maintain controls with over-the-air setup and a web console

  • Monitors and controls security features on mobile devices from a centralized, web-based console.
  • Deploys security updates and policies over the air through the web portal, letting you maintain mobile devices anytime, anywhere—so users don't have to visit the Help Desk.
  • Lets you prove your corporate compliance with easy inventory and reporting tools.
  • Tracks and reports on all registered devices, letting you drill down to their individual configuration settings, serial numbers, model numbers, hardware details and more.
  • SC Recommended "All policy management is done through an intuitive web GUI that is easy to navigate thanks to a well-organized layout. Using the management console, administrators can easily build configuration profiles and group them according to device types." SC Magazine

Reduce the IT burden with a self-service portal for your users

  • Allows users to register their own devices, meaning they can use their own personal phone—and that you can keep an eye on their security and make sure they're compliant.
  • Lets users choose to remote lock or wipe their devices without having to contact the Help Desk.
  • Now available for download in the Android Market.

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