Sophos Mobile Security

Sophos Mobile

Anti-virus protection for Windows Mobile

Endpoint Security and Data Protection

Sophos Mobile Security — part of Sophos Endpoint Security and Data Protection — secures sensitive information on your Windows Mobile phones and PDAs. Detecting and disinfecting mobile viruses and spyware, it enables your business communication to continue uninterrupted by today’s malware threats.

Complete protection

  • Preventing infection by MMS, SMS, email, instant message attachments, Wi-Fi, Internet downloads and Bluetooth transfers
  • Minimize system impact with high-performance on-access, on-demand and scheduled scanning

Ease of use

  • Keeps security simple for users with straightforward graphical user interfaces
  • Receive instant reports on the status of updates via menu and task bar icons

Simplified management

  • Ensure a consistent security policy across all mobile devices by centrally configuring, locking down and deploying directly to individual devices via Microsoft ActiveSync, or to multiple devices using management software, such as Intellisync Mobile Suite
  • Get instant user and administrator alerts of malware incidents via screen and email