Network Access Control

How compliant are your endpoint computers?

Dealing effectively with the different threats posed by managed, unmanaged, and unauthorized computers requires expert assessment, remediation and enforcement. Find out what network access control (NAC) strategies you should be putting in place.

IT departments are increasingly turning to network access control (NAC) solutions to help protect their organizations' data and systems, ensuring compliance with corporate and legal policies and blocking unknown and unauthorized computers. At the same time they must support the business need for continuous network access by legitimate users.

An effective NAC solution will let you reduce the risk and costs of security compliance, by identifying and protecting against vulnerabilities and threats. By continuously assessing every computer against defined policies, NAC can verify that, for example, anti-malware and firewall applications are up to date, security patches are installed, and prohibited applications are not being used.

Assess, remediate, enforce

The key to success is in the underlying assessment and subsequent remediation processes for non-compliant computers. Quarantining or blocking access are tools of last resort, and different scenarios need different approaches.

Scenario 1: Company computers

  • Assess: Continuously assess every computer against your policy
  • Remediate: Take corrective action against non-compliant computers
  • Enforce: Don't just "control access" but establish rapid compliance to maintain user and business productivity

Scenario 2: Contractor, consultant and guest computers

  • Assess: Assess unmanaged computers on demand against your defined policy as they attempt to access the company network
  • Remediate: Quarantine any non-compliant unmanaged computer
  • Enforce: Notify users of non-compliance so they can correct it

Scenario 3: Unauthorized computers

  • Assess: Identify any unknown or unauthorized computers
  • Remediate: Block or quarantine these "rogue" computers
  • Enforce: Control access to the network

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