Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise


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Key Features

With Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise, you’ll protect data on your desktops, laptops and removable media. Our award-winning encryption and data loss prevention (DLP) stops data breaches and makes compliance simpler without getting in your way. And you save time, because your endpoint protection is easy to manage from one central console.

Complete protection that’s easy to manage

  • Protects all of your devices from desktops, laptops to removable media and more — Gartner says Sophos is a leader in Endpoint Protection Platforms
  • Allows authorized users to share data securely and easily
  • Automatically supports Opal self-encrypting drives, manages Bitlocker, and applies software encryption to your Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP computers, and encrypts Macs too — see what else is new in SafeGuard 5.6
  • Uses Active Directory to import user and device information, synchronize and schedule tasks
  • Produces detailed logs and compliance reports on users and encrypted devices

Better encryption requires better performance

  • Our new fast-initial encryption algorithm saves you time when you first encrypt your computer’s hard drives
  • We use your computers’ multicore processors, and our accelerated algorithm, to encrypt and decrypt data up to 30% faster — so your users get the data they need faster
  • We’ve improved our performance on virtual desktops too. We don’t encrypt the whole virtual drive, only the parts with data. This saves encryption time and disk space 

Make it yours with modular options

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